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-Favorite Artists: Rina Sawayama, Britney Spears, and Carly Rae Jepsen
-Favorite Games: Bug Fables, Chibi-Robo, Toontown, Miitopia,
The Sims 2, MySims, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
-Favorite Sings(Yes, that's a reference): Brutal, Run Away with Me
-Favorite Pokemon: Garchomp, Aggron, Escavalier, Cobalion, Gengar, Heracross, Weavile, Abomasnow (just to name a few)
-Favorite Albums: EMOTION, Hold the Girl
-Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pasta
-Favorite Lyric: "I'm so tired that I might quit my job, start a new life, and they'd all be so disappointed 'cuz who am I if not exploited?"

Apr 27, 2013
Welcome to my channel! I’m a graphic designer, artist, game developer, animator, video editor, and writer! I make videos on games I like. Apparently, I like simulation games and doing Lucahjin fan content. (he/her/it) 

No schedule I'll just upload when I can
Check out my games at!

Country: United States 
Occupation: Video Editor
Hey everyone, I'm theSkulltan! (you can call me Skull or Miguel it doesn't matter to me). My favorite game genres are RPG, Strategy, and Simulation...

Hi, just call me Keii. This is a personal blog and I reblog whatever. Feel free to ask things!
Desecrating your eyes with badass artwork
a snake periodically peeks out from the bottom of the image with a goofy grin on its face
playing cards displaying the four aces appear and disappear
tigger from winnie the pooh flipping left and right, featuring affirmative text
santa being surprised by a jack in the box
a realistic white pigeon flapping its wings
a blastoise from pokemon rapidly flipping left and right
an old fashioned cartoon pc typing on its own keyboard
a sparkling green four leaf clover
a small yellow star with a simple, cute face
the word june flashes in multiple colors, with white flourishes around it
a pulsing number seven
a pigeon hitting itself in the head with a hammer
a lotus opening and closing