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drew some Drake Redcrest cuz i love him

here are some of my favorite games!

here's my new profile pic of k vlr!

here's some 999 style sprites of Phi, K and Junpei I made!

Bully gworl Nicola just got aged up and someone died at her birthday party

I made a Thousand Year Door style map of Toontown Corporate Clash!

Did some art of my favorite lost media game, LIT!

Did a smefanye alignemtt chart lool

did more animation practice

did some animation practice

made a smefanye tier list lol (this lp will never die)

firepacer is here to stay lol

lemp im obsessed

Drew the gay cogs again lol

I am OBSESSED with these cogs

It is time for the GAY knights to return

I am on my horny gay shit again with the loser turned sexy as fuck corrupted knight

drew more gay shit cuz i fuckin love transformers and meta knight

drew some hotties cuz im gay

did some more opening valley character art and i lvoe them

here's some of the paper mario models i made in unity!

drew jules as charlie day or whoever luigi is

gave Bomberman some DRIP

did some 3d modeling schoff for fun

Did some Jules art for a video

Drew some Jules art inspired by a video im editing for him

Did some new art stuff for my Opening Valley Series!

I LOVE salons in teh sims.

Been doing SO MUCH Smef stuff lately

Drew more Smefanye animation stuff.

Drew Smefanye running from christine for another new animation.

Drew Smefanye shitting yerself for an new animation.

Drew the 999 cast for the new Zero Escape sitcom series everyone hates ace.

There's something about album openers that hits different. (Yes this is about the masterpieces Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo, Chromatica I + Alice by Lady Gaga, State of Grace + Red by Taylor Swift, Aura(Demo Ver.) + Venus by Lady Gaga, and Run Away with Me by Carly Rae Jepsen, etc.)

Imogen Heap's album Speak for Yourself is a HIGHLY underrated album that has a PERFECT liminal sound for listening to on a bus on a rainy day in a plague doctor costume.

Drew some Smefanye and the gang completely PANTSLESS for a new animation im doing.

Super proud of this artfight piece! The background took me WAY too long to draw.

Drew my furries are real character in its updated armor #ultimateslutshaming

I finally drew everyone in Opening Valley!

Finally sat down and drew something for artfight this eyar.

Made more pregress on furries are real the game and turned form a slut toa kiristmas knight.

I drew TheSkuwuTAN's character Zole in GAY FASHION


Tried making a sprite sheet for Bizzard the Wizard in the paper mairo styel.

I made some lucahjin art for a compilation video and an animation I did for her!

I started playing First Reality: Furries are Real 41: The Game: Sea of Zombies aka FFXIV yesterday with my bestie TheSkuwuTAN! It was a lot of fun! Here's some screenshots and art of the slutty ass marauder I made.

drew some bizzard the wizard and also added hom to miitopis!

drew some Lucario for bestie skuwutan for pride

drew Leon in minceraft for my new youtube series

got inspired by StephenPlays

Tim Horton is DEAD


Wanted to post the cursed Dall-E content I've created. help

Made some Cartoon Network Pokemon Kart art featuring Weavile and Lucario. Thought of doing this while joking with theSkuwutan about the new pokemon game.

Drew Hojiro Zameshiro for a video. This sharkboy is so fucking gay for Itachi don't @ me.

Currently REALLY enjoying making my Cartoon Network palette art. Will likely do more in the future, even after the trend dies.

Drew more Cartoon Network Palette MaoMao for TheSkuwutan

Skuwutan's Twitch Channel

Also made an shiny Weavile version

Drew some Cartoon Network Palette MaoMao for TheSkuwutan

Skuwutan's Twitch Channel

Also made an shiny Weavile version

Drew some more Cartoon Network art of Skuwutan x Elfilis #karbyspoilz

Skuwutan's Twitch Channel

I really liked the way this art I did of Cartoon Network Skuwutan turned out :)

Skuwutan's Twitch Channel